I’m Dane Crandon, a Proactive Small Business Accountant.

I’m a small business accountant based on the Gold Coast who believes in one-on-one care. As a result, I service only a small number of clients, but I do it extremely well.

With the assistance of my awesome team I deliver a service where everyone wins. I also have a wide network of high trust professionals who are experts in their chosen fields!

As a ProActive small business accountant I help you experience both success in business and joy in lifestyle.

Through bookkeeping, accounting and cashflow services my goal is to liberate your time so that you can grow your business whilst still experiencing the lifestyle you want. I practice what I preach as well, although I have an office I don’t live in it, I go to my clients in order to meet with theme where ever they feel comfortable

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What Are The Possibilities?

The Type of Service You Want

As important as it is to have the right services, it’s also important to have a service experience that is effective, safe, founded on integrity and personally satisfying.

My service is highly personalised! That’s how I like to work. That’s how my clients like it also.

It’s Designed For You:

Your unique service package will be guided by your particular situation and needs. We’ll create out a solution that is ideal to your specific needs.

You Get Dane:

When you engage Conqa Business Solutions, you engage Dane Crandon. He doesn’t build your confidence, get your signature and then disappear – he’s with you to stay. You will not deal with an ever-changing crowd of faces and potential juniors. You’ll deal with Dane – and only Dane!

You Also Get a Team:

Personal service doesn’t have to mean solo-service-vulnerability. My support team of technical and skill specific specialists backs me as I back you. You’re not just investing in my expertise, capabilities and heart – you’re benefiting from that of my team also.

You Have Unlimited Phone and Email Access:

If Dane can answer, he will. If not immediately, you’ll have access and an answer ASAP.

An Absolutely Fixed-Fee Service:

Call or email with confidence. Not only will you get a fast answer, you won’t be charged in 6-minute increments. There’ll be no invoice surprises at months end!

Know, Love & Feed Your Business

This guide is structured to help small business people understand the three vital issues that are often missed because they are at times quite abstract or difficult to get a handle of.

Stress Free Solutions

Bookkeeping Conqa’d

This is my personally supervised, accountancy-standard, small business bookkeeping service. My bookkeepers are quality, process focused individuals.

Accounting Conqa’d

This wide-service-coverage package is designed to fulfil all your accounting and taxation needs. We create a customised package of services, that’s just right for you.

Cash Flow Conqa’d

This is unquestionably my favourite. We journey together, to make your business and lifestyle hum! Cash Flow Conqa’d elevates you, your business and your lifestyle!

Know, Love & Feed Your Business

As my service is highly customised, there’s only so many people that I can serve in this way.

If you’re interested in learning about how I can help you and your business, I’m more than happy to chat. Call 1300 081 117.