About Dane

Hi, I’m Dane Crandon.

I like ‘running the numbers’, I love the challenges of business and I also like people. Go figure!

That I would become an accountant was always likely; but becoming this type of accountant?

Well, that sort of crept up on me.

A Desire We Probably Share

After meeting hundreds of clients, I became aware that they fell into two major groupings:

  • The majority, who were captive to their business, and
  • A small minority, who weren’t.

The first group were hostages; their businesses told them what to do and pretty much controlled their lives. It was a gun pointed at their head and it said, “You can’t!”

The second group owned their business and controlled their business – it did not control them. They lived in a way that caused circumstances to serve them. They were deliberate and perhaps even driven, but in a fulfilling way that empowered success and peace of mind.

These people were not held hostage. They were free!

Deciding that I wanted ‘what the second group was having’, a question began to burn within me:

"How do you have success, satisfaction and lifestyle?"

Attaining these things was my desire

A Journey of Learning

Back then, as a younger accountant, I began to pay close attention to those who were living the life I wanted. Sure, money helped, but their happiness was measured in more than that. The numbers mattered, but so did their perspectives and strategies.

These people planned differently, they assessed things differently, they prioritised differently, they made decisions differently, they responded to tax and business legislation differently. They employed specific skill sets, developed specific attitudes and relied on specific strategies.

These people were influenced by the rigours of taxation and business compliance – but they were not controlled by it.

When I started applying the skills, attitudes and strategies that I was learning, I began to see change in my own life.

New Life

With my first child on the way, I quickly realised,

“If I keep this up, I can be a dad who’s home for dinner. I can really be there for my wife. We can have good holidays. I can see my kids play sport, be there when they wake, be at the school assemblies and be able to discern their hearts as we talk before bed.”

I wanted that.

I got that.

My boys are now seven and nine. I coach their soccer teams and have done so for years. I get home in time to eat dinner as a family – and when my head hits the pillow, I know none of my team are nervous about their pay cheque.

Our Shared Success

Today, I have a six-person team. This talented hand-picked crew have a single purpose: they help me to help you.

I’ll enjoy the buzz of helping you. Sometimes it’s just minor tweaks that gets people there; often it’s massive, the accountant’s equivalent of being on Seal Team 6 and throwing flash-bangs before rescuing the hostages.

Regardless of the process, it’s consistently a pleasure!

If you’d like to see if we’re a fit, or you’ve got questions, I’ll be happy to chat. You can catch me on my mobile on 0401 980 669.

Our Team

Dane Crandon created Conqa Business based on one simple idea;

“Instead of only processing tax returns and financial statements that are months old, why can’t accountants work with their clients in the way they should, by providing valuable advice in order to assist the small business owner to establish a brighter future for themselves and their family?

Although Dane’s idea started off as only words on a piece of paper, as time passed, this simple but powerful idea has transformed into a philosophy and given rise to a new and emerging industry standard.

Conqa Business is privileged by being able to call some of Australia’s most celebrated and successful small businesses as their clients due to our highly valued services, communication values and last but certainly not least, our approach to pricing.

A large part of Dane’s philosophy was to never charge a Conqa Business client by the hour, instead, we offer fixed monthly pricing that includes a suite of services where unlimited phone and email communication is included!

This is unlike any standard and traditional accounting firms that you have more than likely been working with up until now.

Dane is the Author of Know, Love & Feed Your Business, a highly read and valued Small Business Guide. You can request a copy simply by clicking here