Business Questions Frequently Asked

Most new businesses ask us Business questions before we start working with them. As we receive more business questions we will post them here. This will help others get the answers they need.

Our Small Business Accounting Solutions have been designed specifically for those who want to get ahead. For those who are not afraid of success and will do what it takes to make their dreams become reality.

Our first aim is to help you to increase your profit and Cashflow. To do it without dropping the bar on your business integrity. Our second aim is to decrease the unneeded Taxation you are paying without breaking ATO law.

We offer small business accounting solutions to business owners who consider themselves as family-oriented people above all else.

We don’t see the point in being in business and striving for success if you can’t see the people you love the most, which is your family.

We work with business owners who have a strong desire to know their numbers in order to successfully grow and improve their business and lifestyle.

Some of the industries we work with are –

  • Medical Specialists;
  • Café owners;
  • Restaurant owners;
  • Builders;
  • Building Supply Manufacturers;
  • Plumbers;
  • Electricians;
  • Transportation and Logistics;
  • Marketers;
  • Online Retailers;
  • Surf and Water Sport equipment Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers;
  • Property Developers.

Our solutions are designed to help business owners –

  • Understand their numbers and what drives their business in order to create a great lifestyle for themselves and their family;
  • Implement the correct business structure to effectively protect assets and assist growth;
  • Strategically plan for tax minimization;
  • Implement cloud accounting solutions;
  • Ensure that all tax and accounting lodgments are taken care of, stress free.

Our two most popular Solution Packages are –

Our Conqa’d Tax and Accounting Package This is a proactive tax and accounting service that generates our business owners and entrepreneurs an average of $20,000 in tax savings, per year. The Package includes a suite of business services that takes care of all your tax and accounting needs.
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“Bookkeeping Conqa’d” – As valuable as a great bookkeeper is, Conqa Bookkeeping delivers at a level higher, because you won’t even have to deal with the bookkeepers. You only deal with me!When you have your bookkeeping done by my team, I oversee the processes and reporting. I’m the one who ensures you’re accounts are entered and checked with rigour and precision. You can relax with confidence knowing the entire process is in good hands.

Our clients say that the 2 main differences of Conqa compared to most other accountants are –

  • We always explain “why” and not just “what”;
  • We buy into and care about our clients’ business.

This proactive approach provides our clients with a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that they are always taken care of which provides both of us with the opportunity to grow and succeed together.

Our specialty is our approach to communicating with you, the business owner or entrepreneur. It’s that simple.

Where most accountants charge their clients for any type of communication or interaction, we take the view that this is detrimental to our relationship with our business owners and entrepreneurs.

We work with all of our clients on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that real progress is being made by providing you with special insight into what the numbers mean.

As we will help you understand what is behind your numbers and how to improve, this will allow you to manage your business is a more meaningful way.

We charge all of our business owners and entrepreneurs with fixed monthly pricing. Our packages can be customised to suit your budget and level of service needed.

The reason why we have chosen to offer fixed pricing is because it’s the best way for us to provide you with the value that you need, when you need it.

By working with your accountant in this way, it changes the conversation and allows our relationship to grow without the wedge of hourly rates and money getting in the way. Therefore, our focus is always on your business and lifestyle.

All of our clients love our fixed pricing packages as it’s based on an agreed amount and service level from the beginning with plenty of room to move up or down, when needed.

In fact, our fixed priced service packages pay for themselves from the tax you save! In most cases you will save 3 to 5 times in tax of what you pay in accounting fees!

Check out our Success Stories page if you would like to see how our clients feel about what we do.

We use Xero for all of our accounting software needs. It isn’t enough to simply just be on the cloud because everyone else is. The two main purposes of a beneficial accounting software system are to save you time and energy with the monotonous tasks that are inherent in operating a small business along with providing business reporting vital to decision making.

Although we love Xero, they also love us and we are one of their Official Partners so we know everything there is to know about their software and how it can benefit you and your business!

The amount of time per year that we would talk with you all depends on your needs and where your business is within its business cycle.

Some clients need a meeting each month for a few months, while others only need a meeting or a phone call, once a quarter.

If you consider that a phone call once per quarter is too frequent, then our level of value to you drops considerably.

The cost of our fixed priced packages all slightly vary since they are all aligned closely with what you and your business need. However, to give you a price range, our most popular packages are around $440-$550 (Includes GST), per month.

We also have two “Start-up” packages at $220 and $330 (includes GST), per month.

The Conqa Tax Check

This is a zero-risk review of your business accounts (and refunds) which carries a service guarantee like no other. Our time together will be your no-risk investment.

Bookkeeping Conqa’d

This is my personally supervised, accountancy-standard, small business bookkeeping service. My bookkeepers are quality, process focused individuals.

Accounting Conqa’d

This wide-service-coverage package is designed to fulfil all your accounting and taxation needs. We create a customised package of services, that’s just right for you.

Cash Flow Conqa’d

This is unquestionably my favourite. We journey together, to make your business and lifestyle hum! Cash Flow Conqa’d elevates you, your business and your lifestyle!