Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services Are Vital To Business Health!

Bookkeeping services are a foundation service. Your Small Business Accountant cannot operate without a good bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers are like anteaters. They thrive on the pursuit of the minuscule and they love what most people find annoying. They’re an unusual creature (both the animal and the bookkeeper) but thank God we have them!

Few people can so easily save you money, time and pain. And few can so profoundly multiply your agony.

A bookkeeper’s split-second mistake can cost you dearly. Lost opportunities, time, operational expense, fines, compliance costs and immeasurable stress are just some of the consequences. A good bookkeeper on the other hand, with their laser-like eye and attention to detail can save you enormous time, expense and stress.

As valuable as a great bookkeeper is, Conqa Bookkeeping delivers at a higher level. Because you won’t even have to deal with the bookkeepers. You only deal with me!

When you have your bookkeeping done by my team, I oversee the processes and reporting. I’m the guy who ensures you’re accounts are entered and checked with rigour and precision. You can relax with confidence knowing the entire process is in good hands.

But you have a decision to make, so let’s explain a few things to help you decide.

Read on to learn about:

  1. Some specifics about Conqa’s bookkeeping.
  2. Who can benefit.
  3. Who does not need our service.
  4. What makes a great bookkeeper?
  5. What turns a great bookkeeper into a Conqa bookkeeper?
  6. The two fundamental rules of business bookkeeping.

Business Bookkeeping with a Difference

Conqa’s ‘accounting standard’ bookkeeping service provides a range of services, from the most basic of compliance processes through to extended and complex specialised practices. My team understands my rigorous standards and the level of client care that I demand. They also know they are valued in this pursuit.

My bookkeepers are both treasured and professionally developed. As a result, they look after me, by looking after you.

Access My Team From $220 / Month

As stated, I can direct my team to address a broad scope of needs and benefit a diverse range of businesses, but let’s not make this more dramatic or flashy than it is. This is down-and-detailed work.

The core features of my service are:

  • You deal with me and only me.
  • Engagement starts at $220 (inc) / month.
  • All accounts are processed using Xero software.
  • Bookkeeping is performed to accountancy standard.
  • Reporting is typically performed once a month, bimonthly or quarterly.
  • Reporting documents are targeted, precise and empower effective decision-making.

My bookkeepers are used to working with me, so the standards I hold and the expectations I have are well-known. So This means they know how to prepare reports that are designed for business people – not just accountants. As a result, you don’t need to be a client of my Accounting Conqa’d or Cash Flow Conqa’d programs to benefit from premium quality reporting. My team brings their A-game every time. It’s their default standard.

Bookkeeping Services With Cloud Accounting Software

The key to knowing your numbers is making sure that you have a great bookkeeper onboard. A cloud-based (Online) Accounting Software subscription like Xero will provide you with a proactive advisor who will go over your financial statements with you every month and quarter.

This will help keep you on track and achieving your short-term goals. These statements, which may be quite boring to you, will help your advisor see what is potentially working and not working. This will then trigger either a new set of ideas or confirm previous predictions that were set out in the budget stage. This step is very important.

Not only does it keep you on track, but it helps you navigate towards your desired goals and away from ineffective business practices. In other words, it prevents bad business habits. It is amazing what information can be ‘squeezed’ out of a well-prepared set of financial statements.

There really is no point having financial statements prepared for any more than 2-3 weeks before you and your advisor sit down together to go over them. Make a note, as this is quite crucial… Do not bother to analyse your Financial Statements if they are more than 3-4 weeks old. There is no point, they are too old! Remember, you need a map to tell you where you are going. Without one, you are sure to get lost.