Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services – Get Your A-Team In Business!


Business Advisory Services will help you avoid bumps in the road that you don’t know about until its too late. It’s goes hand in hand with small business accounting. Running a business successfully is all about being able to monitor your results so you can see whether or not you are making progress and why.

Most small business owners run their business blind with no insight into what works or what doesn’t work.

In this instance, the result is that the small business owner usually works around the clock and becomes the business’s driving force.

When this happens, there is only burnout, stress and sleepless nights.

Why Our Business Advisory Services Are Different

Working with a great business advisor like us at Conqa, we help our business owners jump off the hamster wheel and start developing their business to look after itself, instead of it needing to be babied and constantly looked after.

A business owner needs to know what is behind their business’ numbers, so they can make better decisions towards improvement.

Cash Flow Conqa’d is my business strategy and entrepreneurial development program.

Cash management and cash flow tend to be the most critical elements in business success, so these are our central pivots – but we’ll also move well beyond that. This is holistic and all encompassing support; I won’t do your laundry or mow your lawn, but I will become your navigator as you drive yourself and your business to be their best. We’ll probably also develop a close working relationship; that’s been the pattern to date.

I’ve helped too many people to waste what I’ve learnt. Cash Flow Conqa’d elevates you, your business and your lifestyle!

The Results Of A Great Journey

Journeying with you during an exhilarating 18-month growth cycle, we’ll formulate deliberate, responsive and targeted strategies, that are specific to your needs and your business aspirations.

My past clients have seen tremendous results.

  • Many doubled their profits.
  • Most ‘cleared the pipes’ to improve cash flow.
  • Some even doubled their days off.
  • Almost all got their lives and families back.

A significant number enjoyed all four.

To help you appreciate how this business strategy program works, let me explain:

  1. Why I’m passionate about strategy and why you should be too.
  2. How this service has you driving and me supporting you as navigator.
  3. The benefits available to you.
  4. The first steps we need to take.

The demands of business are constant and ever-changing. Consequently, this is an extensive 18-month program, not a motivational weekend seminar. Businesses interrupt, consume and do not apologise; as a result, neither business nor personal growth happen quickly. This is a journey. Sometimes it’s even a saga.

Thankfully, I’ve always been a guy that appreciates the valleys, views and mountain tops experienced along the way. If we were climbing a mountain, I’d liken myself to a sherpa, showing you the best trails and gripping points, as well as lightening your load.