Small Business Accounting Solutions

How well do you know your numbers?

Small Business Accounting is extremely important, when mismanaged it can be the reason a business fails.

And its not surprising, but the average small business owner has absolutely no idea what their business is doing for them. However, most could tell you in a heartbeat what they themselves are doing for their business every day. It usually involves slogging it out in some way!

It seems a little bit backward, don’t you think?

Knowing your Numbers allows you to be in charge of your business. Which is a lot better than your business being in charge of you! You cant do that without proactive small business accounting.

There are many ways to look at your numbers. We take a very layered approach, whereby any analysis taken always needs to be followed up with a positive action. Too often advisors simply go through the motions of sitting with their clients with no final impact.

We do things very differently at Conqa. We make sure that your business is continually improving through planning and action and not just periodic analysis. 

You could say that we take a deep dive into your business. We look at your internal process and systems, these are the true heart of any business.

We believe that you need to love your Process!

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How many hours a week do you work?
  2. How exactly does your business make money?

These two very simple, but important, questions are rarely considered by small business owners. Why? The main reason is that they are usually too busy… making money!

You’re probably a little confused. How can you be too busy making money?

A mental pivot from solely making money to devoting more of your time developing business processes and a plans.

How do you do this?

We pivot your focus. Your life as a business owner will be completely different from now on, in the most positive way.

What does that look like?

We help you stop worrying about all of the fires that need to be put out every day. Then you will have time to spend with your friends and family more often.

Your holidays will not just be a collection of days on a calendar. Our aim is to help you get to a place where you can really enjoy them!

Most importantly, you will now have more options with how you spend your time at work. This will include your new found roles and responsibilities.

To give you an example, some of our clients have reached this level already. They have decided to start their own charities, establish another business and even travel more often. These are things that they could never imagine possible before working with us.

Capture Your Profit!

Another component to achieving business and lifestyle success is being able to Capture your Profit!

Let’s be honest, profit is a very misunderstood concept in business. Many business owners misinterpret profit as cash in the bank. Or even worse, the measure of how well a business is doing. To be frank, this couldn’t be more misguided. 

The concept of profit is rarely understood. To make the situation worse, a Profit Capturing Strategy is almost always missing from any business plan.

For example, when was the last time you had your business structure reviewed? Maybe never?

Small Business Accounting – Sometimes Boring But Always Important

We know it’s one of those boring topics. However, unfortunately it is a very important aspect when considering the importance of holding on to what is yours. This includes your time!

What about your cash flow? When was the last time you had a Cash Flow Report established and analysed. We do this in order to improve your internal process and capture your profit?

There is a difference between a smart business owner and one who is living with huge stress. The difference is the smart one is achieving success and lifestyle due to processes and reporting. The stressed one is struggling through life because none of this has been implemented.

Lets talk some more, please give us a call. If not feel free to complete the form below. We will work out a time to have a chat to see how we can help you.

The Conqa Tax Check

This is a zero-risk review of your business accounts (and refunds) which carries a service guarantee like no other. Our time together will be your no-risk investment.

Bookkeeping Conqa’d

This is my personally supervised, accountancy-standard, small business bookkeeping service. My bookkeepers are quality, process focused individuals.

Accounting Conqa’d

This wide-service-coverage package is designed to fulfil all your accounting and taxation needs. We create a customised package of services, that’s just right for you.

Cash Flow Conqa’d

This is unquestionably my favourite. We journey together, to make your business and lifestyle hum! Cash Flow Conqa’d elevates you, your business and your lifestyle!