Small Business Bookkeeping Conqa’d

Accounting Conqa’d | Small Business Tax Accounting Designed Around You

Accounting Conqa’d is a popular package. In terms of my existing clientele, I have more people on board for this service than any other. Outcomes of both business growth and lifestyle wins are typical. Each package is customised to the specific needs of the client; my dedicated focus is to deliver the very best in small business accountingThe aim is to keep your small business tax bill at its lowest. All of my accountant reviews were done by clients who use this solution. Due to the unique tailoring of your service package, I can’t provide a ‘one price fits all’ offer. That is neither possible nor fair; I’d end up overcharging some and undercharging others. As time goes on you will see more and more reviews left on our Google Maps listing about this service. Engagement fees for Start-up enterprises often fall within a monthly $220 to $330 range. As you read about the service, it will become abundantly clear why it’s hard to stipulate prices more than that. In the sections that follow I’ll explain:
  1. What this package delivers.
  2. Why Business Accounting specialisation matters.
  3. Why if you don’t understand small business tax accounting, this service might be right for you.

Every manager and owner is different. Every business is different. The dynamics at work in a business are different. The marketplaces they battle in are different.

It your uniqueness, your business, your challenges and your marketplace that makes my job so enjoyable – that and the fact that I like working with people.

As a result, the package we design will be unique to you. It’s unlikely that any client will ever have the exact service combination as another. That’s certainly been my experience to date.

There are six main service groupings I provide:

  • Personalised Account Monitoring: You’ll receive my always up-to-date knowledge, accumulated experience, discerning focus and personal attention. We’ll speak regularly, with more thorough reviews occurring monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly – as determined by you.
  • Your Specific Goals Pursued: I care about achieving the outcomes that will enrich your life. Effective tax planning and lucrative tax minimisation are just the beginning.
  • ATO and ASIC Compliance: In addition to personal counsel on tax related matters, preparation and lodgement of BAS and tax returns is included, as well as other functions such as minutes, end of year closures, trusts, distributions and more.
  • Technical Support: The setup of your Xero accounts is performed and ongoing situational support is then provided, as required, for software functionality.
  • Ongoing Advice: Whether you need to focus on cash flow, debtors, profit allocation, property, finance related contract issues, business systems or something else, I’m keen to help wherever I can.
  • The Wildcard: There’s always events that take us by surprise. Be it a business principal falling sick or an international sneeze that causes a local market flu. When that happens, having me informed and on-call can be invaluable.


Personal Can Get Really Personal

The wildcard scenario calls attention to this service’s most important and appreciated feature feature: really personal service!

I become your on-call accounting emergency service. When you need help, don’t hesitate. Reach out. You won’t get charged in six minute increments. In fact, you won’t get charged at all.

Those situations are included in your monthly fee. That’s what small business accounting needs to look like, because the wildcard is a small-business reality!

I’m just a phone call away. There’s no gatekeeper secretary, no revolving door of ever changing advisors and no booking of appointments. Just phone and if I can’t answer immediately, I’ll be with you as soon as I’m physically able.

That’s peace of mind!

Small business accounting is a specialist branch of a much larger profession. Particular skill sets, motivations and resources are called upon. Small business is a particular subset of accounting, just as business accounting is a subset of a larger field. Accounting specialisations are real.

Wherever money changes hands you’ll find an accountant not too far away. As a result, the accounting profession has a presence across the full breadth and depth of humanity. Few professions function so diversely.

We Rely On Fundamentals

Every accountant can cite his qualifications, every accountant can lean with confidence on the foundational principles and training they received, but not every accountant can look at small business financials through eyes of compliance, with laser-like precision whilst staying tuned in to an entrepreneurial spark.

Small Business Specialists Also Extend Themselves

There are accountants and then there are specialist accountants; just as there are athletes and specialist athletes.

This is why being a Small Business Accountant is like being a striker on a Premier League soccer team (I saw that questioning eyebrow raise). Most of the time you’re watching from a distance as things happen elsewhere on the field, but you remain alert, aware of what is happening, always informed and always ready – because you have to be.

And then it happens, the ball is launched in your direction and you know the pivotal moment is now upon you.

As the ball floats ever closer, the challenge begins: not only must you comply with the rules of the game, but you must also accommodate the acutely trained eyes of the referee, the dynamic realities of the field you are on, the rapidly closing windows of opportunity and the nuances of all the people and elements that are at work around you.

There’s little time to think. Muscle memory and practice have to take over, as well as the preparations you took in learning about teammates, the opposition and the game. Experience becomes immeasurably valuable, as you call on the lessons of hundreds of games, kicks, bumps and maneuvers. Instantly, thousands of hours come together to resource this moment.

And then the ball lands at your feet.

But here’s where the analogy profoundly fails: this referee won’t give the benefit of the doubt, tolerate a fake, or let you off with a warning. Get a red card from the Australian Tax Office and you’ll not only be marched from the field, but that red cross will also stay on your record forever.

When playing at a professional level, specialist coaches are the norm. Business is no different.

Lose too many ‘business games’ and you might walk away with your industry’s wooden spoon – or worse. Hire an all-rounder to do your accounting and you increase the odds of that happening.

My point is being colourfully made, but it is also a very serious matter.

Would you take a rugby player and make them a striker for Gold Coast United FC? No! They might look good in a Premier League uniform, but only until the ball comes their way. You should make accountancy decisions the same way.

Accountants get really good by playing on a particular field; again and again and again and again. What sort of accountant do you really want?

It’s okay if you don’t ‘get’ accounting. I’ll deliver the benefits of having worked with, and clarified issues, with hundreds of business people.

I’ll help the game make sense!

From $220 Upwards, Small Business Accounting Can Be Yours

As I stated at the beginning, start-up enterprises can access the service for as little as $220 (inc) a month. Where we go from there depends on the complexities of your business, as well as the needs and desires you want addressed.

If you’d like to know more about the service give me a call on 1300 081 117 or complete the Contact Request Form. I’ll be happy to explain anything you’re curious about: personal account monitoring, taxation advice, specific goal assistance, compliance, technical support, ongoing advice and more. It’s all available and it starts with a phone call. The ball is at your feet.