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Bookkeeping Conqa’d | It’s Small Business Bookkeeping for the Clever

Small Business Bookkeeping is a foundational service. Your small business accountant cannot operate without a good bookkeeper though.

Bookkeepers are like anteaters They thrive on the pursuit of the minuscule and they love what most people find annoying. They’re an unusual creature (both the animal and the bookkeeper) but thank God we have them! Few people can so easily save you money, time and pain. And few can so profoundly multiply your agony.

A bookkeeper’s split-second mistake can cost you dearly: lost opportunities, time, operational expense, fines, compliance costs and immeasurable stress are just some of the consequences. A good bookkeeper on the other hand, with their laser-like eye and attention to detail can save you enormous time, expense and stress.

As valuable as a great bookkeeper is, Conqa Bookkeeping delivers at a level higher, because you won’t even have to deal with the bookkeepers. You only deal with me!

When you have your bookkeeping done by my team, I oversee the processes and reporting. I’m the guy who ensures you’re accounts are entered and checked with rigour and precision. You can relax with confidence knowing the entire process is in good hands.

But you have a decision to make, so let’s explain a few things to help you decide.

Read on to learn about:

  1. Some specifics about Conqa’s bookkeeping.
  2. Who can benefit.
  3. Who does not need our service.
  4. What makes a great bookkeeper?
  5. What turns a great bookkeeper into a Conqa bookkeeper?
  6. The two fundamental rules of business bookkeeping.

Considering this question from high altitude, every business person needs to make wise and informed business decisions – so all can benefit from great bookkeeping. Every entrepreneur needs to perform tax and accounting compliance actions, as tedious as that is. So again, all can benefit. Of course I could go on, but I think you get the point. Everyone can benefit.

Descending to a height where you’re business comes into view, I’d say you and your business can benefit if:

  1. You prefer to deal with one person, not a variety of people.
  2. You want the services of accountancy standard bookkeepers who are led by an accountant.
  3. You’re thinking about accessing my Accounting Conqa’d service.
  4. You’re considering investing in my Cash Flow Conqa’d program.

If you do become an ‘Accounting Conqa’d’ or ‘Cash Flow Conqa’d’ client, you’ll need to have your bookkeeping done by my people. This will make more sense when you read about what makes a good bookkeeper (below), the way I treat and train the ones I have, as well as the descriptions of the Accounting service and Cash Flow program . They give me what I need to empower good decision-making.

In the interests of integrity, let me state clearly: if you already have a great bookkeeper – and I mean a great one – and you have no intention of accessing my other services, you probably don’t need to read any further. You’ve already struck gold (in the bookkeeping department at least).

There’s another type of business owner who doesn’t need this service: it’s the business person who doesn’t utilise financials when making decisions. These people look at reports once or twice a year, frequently after the accounting period has closed and usually only to fulfill taxation compliance needs. No disrespect intended, but if that’s how you work – and that’s how you want to continue working – you should probably stay with your existing accountant.

If you’re either one of these people you can skip this page (unless you want to learn about identifying a great bookkeeper).

A bookkeeper’s actions and words will either affirm or betray them. In my opinion, a great bookkeeper, a bookkeeper who ‘conquers’ the job (if you’ll excuse the pun) will display the following traits and evidences:

  1. A level of business acumen to draw on to solve problems and identify inefficiencies.
  2. A commitment to staying informed about taxation and business legislation.
  3. Genuine care for you and your business (which takes time).
  4. An accountant overseeing their work and processes.
  5. A commitment to Quality Assurance processes.
  6. A devotion to timely input and reporting.
  7. An anteater-like dedication to detail.

To begin with, I hire great people; I then empower them to be even better. My bookkeepers submit to the quality assurance processes I insist on, plus they bring their own experience and talents.

In addition:

  1. Focus matters: I only employ bookkeepers who are quality and process focused.
  2. Personality matters: I look for practical, organised, logical and caring people. If you have an interest in personality type psychology, ISFJs are a good fit for this role.
  3. Supervision matters: I oversee all processes and reporting.
  4. Training matters: I develop and encourage their business acumen.
  5. Currency matters: I keep them aware of significant legislation and regulatory changes.
  6. Care Matters: I encourage them to care about you, just as I care for them.
  7. Stability matters: I don’t move them around from client to client (getting to know a client and their business takes time).
  8. Relevant information matters: I monitor and insist on timely reporting and processing; this way both you and I have relevant data and helpful information to empower decisions.

I’ve got good people; the sort of people you’d want to have if you wanted a bookkeeper. When you engage me, you get them. It’s that simple and it’s profoundly effective. If you’d like to know more, complete the Contact Request Form or call me on 1300 081 117.

When it comes to business bookkeeping, there are two very important rules to follow:

  1. If you have a great bookkeeper, treasure them.
  2. If you have an ordinary bookkeeper, find a better one.

These are fundamental rules. Find yourself an anteater-like bookkeeper, one who loves the details and that important work that you’d rather not do. Then, when you find a good one, love on then. They’re invaluable!

Want My Team?

If you’d prefer to benefit from my team, you can access their precision and skills from as little as $220 (inc) a month depending on your business size. It’s an investment wisely made.

Remember that bookkeepers are like anteaters: they thrive on the pursuit of the minuscule and they love what most of us find annoying. A great bookkeeper will save you money, time and pain. A Conqa Bookkeeper will also empower your decision making. To learn more, call 1300 081 117 or complete the Contract Request Form online.