Business Strategy is what Cash Flow Conqa’d is all about!

Cash Flow Conqa’d is Business Strategy on the Move

My business strategy and entrepreneurial development program called Cash Flow Conqa’d. Financial management and cash flow tend to be the most critical elements in business success, so these are our central pivots. But we’ll also move well beyond that.

This is holistic and all encompassing support. I won’t do your laundry or mow your lawn, but I will become your navigator as you drive yourself and your business to be their best. We’ll probably also develop a close working relationship; that’s been the pattern to date.

I’ve helped too many people to waste what I’ve learnt. Cash Flow Conqa’d elevates you, your business and your lifestyle!

Journeying with you during an exhilarating 18-month growth cycle, we’ll formulate deliberate, responsive and targeted strategies, that are specific to your needs and your business aspirations.

My past clients have seen tremendous results.

  • Many doubled their profits.
  • Most ‘cleared the pipes’ to improve cash flow.
  • Some even doubled their days off.
  • Almost all got their lives and families back.

A significant number enjoyed all four.

To help you appreciate how this business strategy program works, let me explain:

  1. Why I’m passionate about strategy and why you should be too.
  2. How this service has you driving and me supporting you as navigator.
  3. The benefits available to you.
  4. The first steps we need to take.

Exposure to hundreds of businesses as well as the people who run them, has made one thing unquestionably clear to me:

The most defining element of business success is not the business itself – it’s the entrepreneurial skills and perspectives of the person making the decisions.

Strategic growth in both the business and the person, is what makes the all the difference.

This growth is guided by wisdom and it’s driven by a passion that’s best caught rather than taught. For me, catching ‘this bug’ came after encountering other business people who were doing life better than I was. Even before I became an accountant I got infected with a passion to become a person who lived a life worth living. Now I love to infect others with the same passion.

The more you learn about me, the more you’ll realise I’m sold-out on the importance of growth that is both business related and personal – strategic thinking is never just about successful trading. The more you get to know me, the more you’ll realise I’m not just ‘about the numbers’ – I’m interested in having a life worth living. What that life looks like is different for everyone; the skills, perspectives and resources required are not.

The demands of business are constant and ever-changing. Consequently, this is an extensive 18-month program, not a motivational weekend seminar. Businesses interrupt, consume and do not apologise; as a result, neither business nor personal growth happen quickly. This is a journey. Sometimes it’s even a saga.

Thankfully, I’ve always been a guy that appreciates the valleys, views and mountain tops experienced along the way. If we were climbing a mountain, I’d liken myself to a sherpa, showing you the best trails and gripping points, as well as lightening your load. But I won’t use that analogy. I’ve got a far more helpful one.

If you’ve read the rest of this site, you’ll realise I love my analogies and metaphors. I equate my tax check service to an MRI. My bookkeepers have the unique assets of an anteater (exercising attention to detail and a love for what irritates most people). My small business accounting service I liken to playing as a Striker in a Premier league football club. Finally, as I explain my Conqa Cash Flow business strategy service, I strap myself into a rally driving analogy.

Most Businesses are Driven by a Driver Going Solo.

Most business people drive their business like a rally driver working solo. They grip the steering wheel too tight, focus only on what they can see and are absorbed in the moment. Their consciousness is consumed by the roar of the engine, the heat of their fire suit, the pressure of their helmet, the constraints of the webbing holding them in place and the hazards they see through a dust obscured windscreen. They never get to think or work on the bigger picture; their business suffers while their world becomes the next 50 metres – and then the next 50 metres.

Rally drivers who win never drive alone!

Winning drivers rely heavily on a navigator who sits by their side, warning of hazards and guiding them as they make decisions to optimise the journey. Inevitably, as they are freed to become the best drivers they can be, that is exactly the driver they become.

Successful Business People Don’t Drive Solo.

This Conqa Cash Flow journey is not a solo experience. Like a rally car tour that lasts years, not days, we’ll learn to appreciate each other the way a rally driver and navigator appreciate each other.

A trust will develop as we both ‘work’ our role. With time, improvements will come: at first it’ll be seconds saved and hazards negotiated, then course segments and days will start being won, personal bests will accumulate, money will increase and so will the enjoyment.

What will also happen, is your grip on the wheel will loosen as you start to experience just what this business of yours can do.

Your driving experience will become one that’s actually worth having. That’s certainly been the testimony of past and present clients.

This isn’t hype or theory. I know this road and I’ve seen hundreds drive it before. As your trusted and practised navigator, I’ll call approach speeds, warn you of approaching hazards and tell you what’s ahead.

I’ll help you avoid the problems you cannot yet see.


You drive.I navigate. We win. We might both be amazed at what you can make your business do.

Visible Wins and Invisible Wins.

As I stated at the beginning of this service description, I have past clients that have doubled their profits, massively improved their cash flow, significantly increased their days off and wrestled back their lives and families.

There’s been other wins too, many of which are harder to document, because growth is a deceptive process. The corner you conquer that you never could before, is easy to take for granted. The tree avoided because you did not skid out of control, is rarely thought about. We rarely think about the wins that were previously impossible. We rarely recognise the hazards we dismiss, that at an earlier time were terrifying and unavoidable.

These easily ignored assets are benefits too! The assets of increased capacity and improved perspective make you better at everything you do.

It begins with a phone call.

This Cash Flow Conqa’d service is my most personal service, my most lived service and one that I commit to with a consuming ‘all-in’ passion.

This is not theory for me. I’m walking in the fruit and pleasures of a lifestyle worth living and with a level of financial security that was worth the effort.

This is also where I get to journey with you the most. It’s the one where I tap into my most passionate resources, exercise my most passionate motivations, utilise my most valuable skills and share them with people I usually grow to sincerely care about. I really love this program!

If you’re a business owner and you believe you’ve got room for improvement, make the call and we’ll start the conversation. As I better understand your circumstances, I’ll explain what this might look like for you. There’s a program structure already in place, but the nuances of its application will vary according to your needs.

Previous clients are happy. Current clients are happy! You see, the changes that come through Cash Flow Conqa’d will continue on and on and on. This development program isn’t about winning one race; this is about learning to drive your business and yourself, at your best, for as long as you want. Call me on 1300 081 117 or request a call back, and we’ll see what the road ahead looks like for both of us.