Tax Help That Wont Let You Down – The Conqa Tax Check!

The Conqa Tax Check | Tax Help That Gives Your Small Business Bookkeeping an MRI

The Conqa Tax Check is a zero-risk review of your last two years’ tax returns. Stated simply it’s tax help. It’s an MRI (Magnetic resonance image) of your small business tax or accounting and just like the medical version, it typically shows up what cannot otherwise be seen. Physical health and disease are not always as simple as they appear. Your business health and disease can be the same.

For an investment of $550 (inc) I’ll review your previous returns in light of your business operations and the potential tax deductions available.

Then I’ll search for legitimate opportunities missed.

Also, I’ll also check claims previously lodged to ensure they’ve been done correctly. Sometimes mistakes in the past can create problems in the future, thats why every business needs tax help.

My guarantee is simple:
   I’ll find and re-submit $1,000 or more in legitimate tax savings.
   If I don’t, I’ll refund your fee.

If I only find $999, then you’ll walk away $999 better off, tax free, without having paid a cent. If I find $1,000 or more (and usually I can) I’ll have earned the fee and you’ll still be in front.

This is an absolutely zero-risk investment!

Very occasionally the fee will be higher than the standard $550 (inc). This only occurs when your business and tax arrangements are very complex.

In every circumstance, the guarantee remains the same!

This service is designed to:

  1. Identify problems before they become a ‘disease’,
  2. Remediate what can be fixed easily, and
  3. Identify and tap into potentials.


The possibilities are considerable:

Potentially, we might confirm your existing tax help as awesome.
Potentially, we could discover they are costing you dearly.
Potentially, you could receive a significant refund.
Potentially, we might discover we work well together.
Potentially, we might continue to do so.

Certainly, you’ll know that engaging our service was a decision well made.

If your tax check shows your existing Accountant or Tax Agent has done a good job, I promise to tell you. That’s my golden rule; I like to treat others the way I’d like to be treated.I also have no interest in stealing business from a competent peer.

If that happens, you’ll experience the warm glow of knowing your existing help is looking after you. That’s a nice feeling!

If I cannot find legitimate returns that have been missed or poorly handled, you’ll walk away with that knowledge. More than likely, you’ll also walk away with that surety after paying zero dollars for the privilege.

Frankly speaking, if you’ve found competent tax help and your accounting needs are being met – hold onto such people. If you’re experiencing a level of personal service that empowers you – hold onto such a professional! If they genuinely care about you – hold onto them. Such a person has skills, motivation and resources that are rarer than they should be.

Potentially, this review may give amazing peace of mind. If it does confirm your existing accountant as competent and on-the-job, you will feel really good!

On the other hand, if I conclude that your existing tax agent or accountant is servicing you badly, I’ll let you know. The Conqa Tax Check is a quick way to see if you have a problem.

If you need help, you should know about it as soon as possible.

Whatever category your problems fall into, they aren’t going to be resolved by doing more of the same. We know this, but even intelligent people continue bad habits when they don’t know a problem exists.

Your tax check can identify:

  1. Missed tax deductions,
  2. Incorrectly specified lodgements, and
  3. Strategic errors and oversights.


Accounting and taxation are fields with high demands for professional development. It’s challenging to stay on top of the changes. There are also complex and rigorous standards required. It’s too easy to miss something, cut a corner or get tired; that’s why I keep my client list short and I guard my lifestyle loves.

All accountants are not the same and if you need a change, you oughta know.

Potentially, you might discover your existing help is not protecting you as well as they should – or worse, they have made you vulnerable. If that happens, it doesn’t feel good at first, but a sense of relief flows soon after as you start taking remedial action.

Since the focus of the tax check is finding deductions, it might feel like I’m “searching for loopholes”. That’s not quite right. What I aim to do, is ensure that you benefit from every legitimate deduction that is available. Sometimes, the legitimacy of an item may be questionable (and we’ll navigate those if they happen).

If the tax office owes you money – I’ll get it. I’ll war for you.

Potentially, this Conqa Tax Check could bring a financial windfall. If not a windfall, even a gentle breeze of a refund still tickles the skin.

Sometimes it helps to deal with a different face, seek a fresh perspective and enjoy the opportunity of speaking to someone new. Everyone needs a safe place to voice concerns and weigh priorities. I’d like this meeting to be like that for you: honest, pleasant and productive.

As I stated in my introductions, my client list is relatively small as I don’t want to stretch myself thin and I prefer to work with people I trust and am comfortable with. Most people feel the same.

In an area like business accountancy, you need to see past the skills and wins. You need to see the person. I’d like to see you too. This is our chance. Competency does matter, but a competent accountant who you don’t trust is a troubling recipe. Nothing good comes from that.

Yes, I’ve become known for my abilities and the way I do the work I love. I’m a business development and taxation specialist, have a reputation for effectiveness and genuine care, developed a successful “Onward Scoping Program”” and published a well received eBusiness guide. But none of that means anything if you don’t feel comfortable sitting with me.

Potentially, the Conqa Tax Check could be your opportunity to see how good a fit we could be.

It’s my opportunity too.

At the end of the day, your business success will rely on far more than optimising your tax returns. You know this! The analogy I have come to lean on is that of the navigator who sits next to a rally car driver. As corners, ridges and trees blur past, the navigator warns the driver of approaching hazards and opportunities. This is what I do.

If it works out that we enjoy working together, we may end up in the same car, and if that happens, we usually end up driving together for a long time, to spectacular places and in record time.

This is your opportunity to rescue some lost cash, head off potential problems, develop increased confidence in your current accountant, or test-drive a new one for the future. All done with absolutely zero risk!

Call 1300 081 117 or request a call by completing the form onsite. I look forward to our meeting.